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Updated April 22, 1997
as Old as the Industry, as modern as the Hour

This page has been created to help you navigate through the exciting history of one of Britainís most sought after marques.
For more information on Riley Motor Cars browse through the website:

Rileys 1896 - 1938/9. The Pre-Nuffield Years.

Pre-War History compiled by Rob Malpas.
Last Updated 22 April 1997.

Rileys 1945 - 1957. The Nuffield Era.

Nuffield (RM) history compiled by Larry Rice.
Last Updated .

Rileys 1957 - 1969. The BMC Years.

  • The End of a Great Marque. 1957-1969.

BMC History compiled by .
Last Updated .

Rileys - The Future?

'Future' compiled by Rob Malpas.
Last updated 22 April 1997.
This Page is maintained by Rob Malpas.
Copyright ) 1995-1998 Riley Motor Club of Cyberspace
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