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Updated Thursday, April 23 9:59pm CDT
as Old as the Industry, as modern as the Hour

Compiled by M. Frankford March 1996
  • RM series
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    Magazine Articles: RM Riley

    Batchelor, Dean; "1951 Riley 2 1/2 litre Drophead Coupe"; 
    Road & Track; March 1989
    ____; "Riley 2.5 Litre Road Test"; Road & Track; Jan 1952
    ____; "1950 Riley 2 1/2 litre Drive Report"; Special Interest Autos; Feb 1984
    ____; "Riley Roadster"; Thouroughbred & Classic Cars; March 1978
    ____; "Test Match"; Thouroughbred & Classic Cars; Nov 1989
    ____; "Riley resurrection"; Classic and Sportscar; Feb 1989

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    Magazine Articles: Riley One-Point-Five

    _____; "Mixed Doubles"; The Riley One-Point-Five, Sunbeam Rapier,
    Borgward Isabella and Volvo PV544-which is best? Classic and Sportscar;
    June 1993
    _____; "One-Point-Five Alive"; Restoring Classic Cars Magazine; July 1988
    _____; "Riley 1.5"; Thoroughbred & Classic Cars; Feb 1980
    _____; "Buying a Wolseley 1500/Riley 1.5"; Practical Classics; June 1986

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    Books: Riley Motor Cars

    Taylor, James: Riley RM Series; Motor Racing Publications ISBN 0-947981-36-5
    available through Classic Motorbooks
    Styles, David G: As Old As the Industry:Burgess & Son ISBN 0-9507941-0-4
    available through Classic Motorbooks
    Clarke, R M: Riley 1 1/2 & 2 1/2 Litre Gold Portfolio 1945-1955:
    Brooklands Books ISBN 1-870642-503 
    available through Classic Motorbooks

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    Books: General

    Robson, Graham: The Cars of BMC: 
    Motor Racing Publications ISBN 0-947981-14-4 
    available through Classic Motorbooks
    Portor, Lindsay: BMC and Leyland B-series Engine Data:
    Osprey Publishing LTD ISBN 0-85045-597-9
    available through Classic Motorbooks

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